THE SPARTAN is the top newspaper of choice for the UNSC since 2600 and it covers a wide range of topics but mainly focuses on military matters.


Writers / Reporters

  • Sarah Chronicle
  • Bobby Smalltoe (Deceased) (2603)
  • May Wood (Deceased) (2603)


  • 30 Year anniversary of the colony Lyric (Written by Sarah Chronicle)
  • Elite terror leader Wumbo's still at large
  • Grunt writes "Git Gud" on 117 monument
  • Deranged Killer escapes (Written by Sarah Chronicle)
  • Disgraced UNSC Captain removed from field duty (Written by Sarah Chronicle)
  • Grunt artist rises to fame
  • Are you teabagging correctly
  • HALO INFINITE 4 Confirmed to have microtransactions (Written by Sarah Chronicle)
  • Church Of Mudkip Formed
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