Early Life

Nothing is known about THE POSTMAN's early life.

Post Man Career

Redshirts Package (1st February 2609)

On the 1st February THE POSTMAN tried to deliver a package to John Blue Redshirt but he wasn't in to receive his package. On the next day THE POSTMAN returned to personally deliver the message to Redshirt that his package was instead delivered to his closest neighbour, after asking if he gave a distressed Redshirt good customer service THE POSTMAN left.

HOLLOWS HOUSE (31st October 2609)

On the 31st October 2609 THE POSTMAN was sent o the world only known as Planet: 5555 to deliver a package in the form of a SAW. After his arrival he was forced to enter several torture rooms filled with dead bodies.

Eventually he learned of he identities of some of the victims an that it was THE HOLLOW who killed them. Determined to always deliver his package he pressed on until he found a grave site where h encountered THE HOLLOW who charged him with her energy sword.

Surprising her with his reaction times he unloaded several shotgun blasts into her which knocked her into the grave, he the proceeded to use he SAW meant for her to finish he off.

Believing her dead he left her package and walked away unaware that she had in fact survived.

Club Holo (11th January 2610)

THE POSTMAN was present at Club Holo on the colony of Slunge. As he walked in he noticed that THE HOLLOW was waiting for him, he then proceeded to leave for his safety.

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