Early Life

Not much is known about her earl life accept that she was born with the name Elizabeth Orange and was the sister to David Uric Orange.


At some point Elizabeth adopted the name THE HOLLOW and began to commit a series of murderous. This led to her eventual arrest where she was sent to UNSC Firebase Well on the colony of Sunset.

Escaping Firebase Well (27th September 2609)

On the 27th September THE HOLLOW caused an uprising with her fellow inmates which led to an attempt to escape the facility. During the escape she killed at least fifteen UNSC guards and injured eight, she eventually managed to escape using hr inmates as sacrifices. Shortly afterwards Sarah Chronicle released an article about the event which put her on the Hollows kill list.

HOLLOWS HOUSE (31st October 2609)

After escaping she made her way to the world only know as Planet: 5555 where she built a house to lure and kill future victims. At some point she lured, tortured and killed an EARTHBOUND lieutenant known as Shell, an elite diplomat known as Rutva Vet and killed a group of UNSC troops belonging to the science team FOXTROT 13.

On the 31st October THE HOLLOW lured THE POSTMAN to her house to deliver a SAW to her, she then planned to kill him afterwards. After luring him to a grave se made for him she tried to lunge at him with her energy sword but was unprepared for his reaction times, he fired several shotgun blasts into her causing her to fall into the grave where he used her SAW to unload several rounds into her.

After he left she rose from that grave seemingly unaffected by her injuries and picked up the SAW to continue her work.

Club Holo (11th January 2610)

THE HOLLOW was present at Club Holo on the colony of Slunge. She was going to assassinate Sarah Chronicle but after seeing THE POSTMAN arrive she drew her sword out and chased him.


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