Early Life

THE GUIDE is a being from another dimension known as Dimension 0001 who has the goal of teaching those who can change the universe the truth .

At some point THE GUIDE was seen standing in the wreckage of a UNSC PALACE station.

Saving Captain Picquet

Disabling Andrew Thomas Moa (13th January 2610)

On the 13th January 2610 THE GUIDE was present when Andrew Thomas Moa tried to get revenge on Captain Picquet around stone ruins, before Moa could fire THE GUIDE charged at him from behind sending Moa down the stone staircase.

Afterwards THE GUIDE answered some of Captain Picquets questions but made him leave to hunt Sinister before Moa could wake up.

THE GUIDE would then take Moa to Dimension 0001 where he would tell him about the truth of those capable of changing the universe which Moa didn't belive , in response THE GUIDE gave Moa a portal to a version of Trellmer where he would see the truth.

Warning Milkshake (13th January 2610)

THE GUIDE transported himself to the UNSC PALACE III and made his way from meeting room 51 to the PROJECT PEGASUS Fireteam Delta prep room where he came across Moa's fellow teammate Carlos Udel Milkshake whilst he was doing target practice.

Once Milkshake noticed him THE GUIDE said he had a waning for him.

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