Early Life

Nothing is known about Hawk's early life.


At some point Hawk was assigned to PROJECT PEGASUS and was initially assigned to Fireteam Charlie.

The Island That Doesn't Exist

Hawk along with the other members of Fireteam Charlie was assigned to The Island That Doesn't Exist for an unknown reason.

At some point Hawk was transferred to Fireteam Delta.

OPERATION: CASKET (15th November 2609)

Hawk along with the rest of Fireteam Delta were sent to the colony of Yourmat to trace the source of an SOS, not long after finding the source of the signal on an abandoned UNSC rig the team encountered a group of scavengers who soon turned hostile.

Hawk was ordered to protect the teams Pelican during the ensuring fight.

After an hour of combat the scavengers were defeated and the rig was secured, the team soon found out that the SOS was originating from a CRYO pod which they took back to base.

OPERATION: MEAT GRINDER (18th November 2609)

Hawk along with Fireteam Delta participated in OPERATION: MEAT GRINDER to finally eliminate the final base of operations for The Rights Of The People that fellow Pegasus operatives Fredrick Derick Bucket and Jun Hyena had sabotaged.

The mission was a success but came at the cost of Sam Dustbin, Kat Archer and Hyena.

OPERATION WALK ABOUT (2nd December 2609)

On the 2nd December Hawk and the rest of the team stopped a terrorist attack on a tram network on the colony of Sunset.

Although the mission would be a success Russ Vovolsky would loose his life.

Club Holo (11th January 2610)

Hawk along with Fireteam Delta went to Club Holo on the colony of Slunge. At some point she watched John Blue Redshirt pole dance for her and beat up a grunt for hitting on her.

Hunting Sinister / Death (13th January 2610)

On the 13th December 2610 Hawk was instructed by Commander Wizard to deliver new Pegasus Trooper Captain Picquet to Lyrics surface, she was specifically told not to be spotted.

Hawk would later appear to help Captain Picquet fight EARTHBOUND forces around the Abandoned Lord Posh Hotel, she used a Wasp to kill a few troopers and EARTHBOUND Guard SWAT. Unfortunately EARTHBOUND Lieutenant Sparrow arrived in a Phaeton and blew Hawk out of her Wasp sending her plummeting to her death.


  • 3 EARTHBOUND Troopers
  • SWAT
  • 2 Wasps
  • 2 Pelicans
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