Early Life

Nothing is known about her Early Life apart from that she would enlist in both the UNSC and the EARTHBOUND'S and become a guard trained in melee combat.

UNSC Service

Boarding Of The UNSC GALAXYS FATE (30th October 2608)

Stripe along with the 13th ODST Corps were present of the ship when it was boarded by a group known as the HUNTERS, she along with some of her team were some of the few not to be sucked into space.

Battle For The Cradle (31st October 2608)

On the 31st October Stripe led the remains of the 13th ODST Corps to intercept THE HUNTERS and stop them from reaching the Cradle.

Stripe was responsible for defeating many Cradle Drones and after loosing many of her troops charged the enemy, unfortunately the hunter known as Spider knocked her out before she could reach the inside of the Cradle.

After awakening she gave herself to the EARTHBOUNDS and joined them willingly.


Club Holo (11th January 2610)

Stripe was present at Club Holo on the colony of Slunge where she watched both Guardian and Lucky dance.

Testing Captain Picquet / Death (13th January 2610)

On the 13th January 2610 Stripe along with fellow Guard Straw were tasked by Commander Quake and Sinister in giving Captain Picquet a test to see if he was worthy.

After Straw ambushed him towards her position Stripe engaged Picquet in an energy sword duel. After the duel leaded to the balcony room Picquet used his thrusters to charge at stripe knocking her into a table and onto her knees.

With her defences lowered Picquet lunged his sword into her killing her instantly.


  • Multiple Cradle Drones
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