Song was once a colony that belonged to the UNSC and Elites but it was destroyed by a NOVA Bomb in 2608. It was also home to Forerunner device called the Cradle which survived the detonation


Unknown Year

Song like Lyric became a haven for both Humans and Elites that wanted to live together.



At some point in 2608 the EARTHBOUNDS brought a NOVA bomb to Song and the UNSC sent the 5th ODST Corps to stop them, unfortunately the EARTHBOUNDS succeeded and Song was obliterated.

Doomed Bounty

A group known as the Hunters arrived in the debris field of Song to find a Forerunner artefact called the Cradle before the UNSC could, Guardian sabotaged the cradle after learning that she was unknowingly aiding the EARTHBOUNDS.


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