Early Life

Not much is known about his early life apart from that he was born with the name Joel Calm and at some point joined the UNSC and was stationed at Firebase Ranch on the planet Lyric.

Marine Service

Along with fellow Marines Calm was stationed at Firebase Ranch at some point.

Fall Of Firebase Ranch

on the 11th January 2610 Firebase Ranch came under attack by EARTHBOUND forces led by an individual known as Sinister. Despite the UNSC forces being present the base was ultimately lost and all reaming forces tried to escape in pelicans, unfortunately the pelicans were shot down near the bases emergency evacuation point.

Calm and the other survivors were gathering supplies when they came under attack from Sinister. Sinister began to kill each trooper one by one until only Calm was left, Calm tried to kill Sinister only to be wounded in the process. As he lay on the beach he begged for mercy and wanted to survive for his family, Sinister decided to give him a chance saying that if he survived a sniper shot he would save him.

Prisoner at REBIRTH

The next day Calm awoke surrounded by dead bodies reduced to nothing but skeletons, Sinister was present and told him of his fate. Over an unknown time period Joel Calm began to no longer exist after facing many torturous tests and sparring with Spade another lieutenant. Eventually he adopted the persona of Snake.

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