Early Life

Nothing is known about Shadows early life apart from that she lost the ability to speak at some point.


At some point Shadow became a Lieutenant in the EARTHBOUND'S.

Setting up a trap (11th November 2609)

On the 11th November 2609 Shadow along with Sinister and Spider set a trap in motion to eliminate a team of UNSC troopers investigating a Forerunner teleporter node that just activated on the planet Lyric.

After Sinister eliminated two of the troopers he activated the drones on the order of Commander Quake and began to test the troopers. Midway through the battle Shadow revealed her hiding spot in a water pool and began to use her SAW to supress the troopers.

Surprisingly the two troopers ran through the teleporter, Sinister after regrouping with her ordered her to follow whilst he and Spider cleared up the bodies.

Activating the Dr's Plan (13th January 2610)

On the 13th January 2610 Shadow was ordered by Commander Quake to take Spider and Saber to activate Dr Conundrums plan after Sinister had discovered the existence of PROJECT PEGASUS on Lyric.

The trio shortly arrived at an abandoned beach resort covered in snow and plant life and began to walk into the cold water below, eventually they reached there target of an unidentified Forruner machine.

Torturing Captain Picquet

At some point the EARTHBOUND'S captured Captain Picquet of PROJECT PEGASUS and Shadow was put in charge of his torture.

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