Early Life

Nothing is known about her early life.

Working for THE SPARTAN

By 2600 Chronicle was a lead writer for the UNSC newspaper of choice THE SPARTAN.

Visiting The Great Caves Of Lyric (1st January 2600)

On the 1st January 2600 Chronicle visited The Great Caves Of Lyric in preparation for a future article.

30 Year Anniversary Of Lyric (3rd February 2600)

On February 3rd 2600 Chronicle wrote an article explain the troubled history of the planet Lyric.

INFINITE 4 Microtransactions (4th October 2600)

Chronicle wrote an article about Halo Infinite 4s microtransactions and included opinions from John Green Redshirt, Mac Slate and Lord Posh The Third.

The Disgraced Captain (25th December 2608)

On the 25th December 2608 Chronicle was visited by Andrew Thomas Moa who gave her information of an encounter he had with the recently disgraced Captain Picquet, the next day her story was published for the world to see.

Club Holo (11th January 2610)

Chronicle was present at Club Holo on the colony of Slunge to write an article about the place. She also met with Andrew Thomas Moa and danced with him on top of some crates implying that they have remained closely in touch since 2608.

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