Not much is known about RETINA accept that it is a group that has access to the files of members of PROJECT COMMANDO, PROJECT TROJAN and PROJECT PEGASUS. RETINA seems to be obsessed in luring the surviving members of PROJECT TROJAN to the planet of Lyric to combat the EARTHBOUND threat and particularly finding Captain Picquet.


The current members of RETINA are unknown but they must be agents within the UNSC. TROJAN UNIFORM became a member but was killed shortly afterwards.


Exposing Uniform

At some point a member of RETINA tried to persuade TROJAN UNIFORM not to continue her efforts in exposing a conspiracy she came across, after agreeing to meet with her UNIFORM was killed, her killer unknown.

Contacting the TROJANS

At some point RETINA began to leak information related to the both PROJECT TROJAN and PEGASUS among these are.

  • A wanted poster of James Chain about his attack on the colony of Sunset
  • Captain Picquets service record
  • David Uric Orange's service record
  • TROJAN UNIFORMS service record
  • A copy of THE SPARTAN newspaper detailing the history of the planet Lyric.

Each of these leaks had hand written notes that ranged differently in tone, sometimes begging or mocking the TROJANS. After releasing UNIFORMS service record and promising the truth about her death the RETINA gained the interest of the TROJANS.

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