The Prophets Fist are a group that belong within the Covenant they were sent to the UNSC colony of Salt for unknown reasons.





Battle Of Salt

Capture Of Salt's Mountain Range (2531)

The Fist captured and secured a mountain range on the colony of Salt, IPA troopers Ana Bark and David Jackson were sent to the site and killed Fist members Joldanus Veldamee and the Sleepy Grunt.

Hydro Plant ALPHA 4 (22nd May 2531)

At some point the Prophets Fist captured Hydro plant ALPHA 4 and by the 22nd May 2531 contested the location with the IPA, it is assumed the IPA retook the plant. At least Confetti Grunt and Warma Veldamee were killed.

Shooting Down a Falcon (25th May 2531)

The Fist were able to shoot down a Falcon and kill most of the IPA Crew but lost all infantry in the process.

Artillery on the Stone Hills Of Height (3rd June 2531)

The Fist had set up Artillery canons on the Stone Hills Of Height. The IPA were sent into to destroy the canons but were defeated forcing the UNSC to bombard the canons from orbit.

Attack On Firebase Barn (14th June 2531)

The Fist attacked Firebase Barn on the colony of Salt with a task force of Elites, the base was captured but the team failed to kill Spartan Misty 322 who escaped on a Forklift.

Glassing Of Imanosh (3rd March 2605)

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