Early Life

Nothing is known about Wizards early life except he is related to Lord Posh The Third.

UNSC Service


At some point using his own personal funds and favours from other high up UNSC personnel Wizard was able to launch PROJECT PEGASUS.

Wizard began to recruit a number of operatives that were no longer suitable for deployment which caused great tension amongst UNSC higher-ups.

Meeting The Hunters (4th November 2608)

Wizard met with Bounty Hunters Guardian and Lucky who handed themselves in after the Cradle incident. Wizard decided not to kill them if they aided him in hunting down both the EARTHBOUNDS and those affiliated with Lord Posh The Third.

Saving Backup (5th November 2608)

Wizard travelled to Sojar the moon of the colony of Song to recruit him into helping him destroy both the EARTHBOUNDS and the UNSC for unknown reasons.

Conflicts with the General

As PROJECT PEGASUS grew Wizard began to become in constant contact via messages delivered by Brooks from the general about the use of his operatives and the operations they conduct, especially Wizards Fireteam Delta.

Wizard countered these messages by stressing the importance of his teams and the lives they had saved.

Reinforcing Fireteam Charlie (4th April 2609)

The UNSC began to monitor all of Wizards transports and was thus forced to send reinforcements to Fireteam Charlie through other means.

He selected troopers Cheng, Tobuku, Brown, Bolt, Joanus, Qwerty, Cartman and BOB to travel by Forerunner man canons. Wizard tried to explain the situation but was interrupted multiple times by BOB.

Wizard then witnesses the accidental deaths of everyone apart from BOB, Cartman and Brown.

Hunting Sinister (13th January 2610)

At some point Wizard began to notice disappearances of UNSC troopers on the colony of Lyric and personally dispatched Fireteam Delta members Andrew Thomas Moa, Stacy Greyson and John Blue Redshirt to investigate.

Unknown to Delta Wizard had also dispatched Pegasus Trooper Orange to Lyric as well. On the 13th December Wizard managed to recruited Captain Picquet into PROJECT PEGASUS against the generals wishes and briefed him on the situation.

Later after allowing Picquet to recive his own custom armour he briefed Pegasus Trooper Hawk to take Picquet down to the planet to hunt down Sinister as well and warned her not be watched.

Later that day Wizard was instructed by the General to meet up with a Sergeant Maxwell at a golf course on Lyric, for unknown reasons Wizard killed Maxwell but apologised for his actions.

During this Moa managed to contact Wizard and stressed his anger that he had sent Captain Picquet down to the planet, Wizard told Moa to be follow orders or be punished to which Moa chose the latter. Later Wizard lied to the General about Maxwell's disappearance.


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