Discovery (2560)

Lyric originally named Fotus III was discovered in the Fotus System in 2560, for ten years the planet was used as a storage planet for planetary monuments from other planets that were moved so that the original planets had room for redevelopment.

Colonisation (2565 - 2570)

In 2565 Fotus III was decided to be one of a few planets that would home both Humans and Elites and the construction of the first habitable areas was completed by 2570. The City of Chumnail was decided to become the capital of the planet due to its strategic positioning.

First Battle Of Chumnail (2573)

Because Fotus III was a planet designed for both Humans and Elites it came under fire from hostile rebel factions and eventually in 2573 the capital city was attacked resulting in a week long battle. Despite this relations between humanity and the elites was not damaged.

Renaming (2574)

Fotus III was renamed as Lyric in 2574 with an approval ratting of 99% the highest ratting ever received by a planet.

Hosting The Planetary Games (2580)

Lyric held the prestigious honour of hosting the first Planetary games for a period of two months in 2580.

UNSC Occupation (2609 - 2610)

After Forerunner technology awakened within The Great Caves Of Lyric the UNSC took interest in the planet and began to construct Firebase's to secure important areas of the planet. These Firebases would become targets of the EARTHBOUNDS and the planet would later be investigated by the troopers from PROJECT PEGASUS.




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