Early Life

Nothing is known about his early life apart from that he was very rich and at some point set up the Literal Wipe Out challenge as a way to make money. He is apparently related to March Wizard.

At some point he employed the services of Klat Tola, Spider and Backup.

Forming The Hunters (27th October 2608)

Lord Posh invited twenty bounty hunters to take part in a mission to retrieve an item before the UNSC could for a large sum of money, the only draw back was the hunters loosing there vocal cords which only five of the bounty hunters accepted.

Later that day Lord Posh gave his results and delivered the bounty hunters, Backup, Spider, Archer, Lucky and Guardian to Commander Quake who ended up being disappointed by half o his selection but still gave the mission the go ahead.

Lord Posh tried to explain he could have done better if it weren't for his terms but this only angered Quake which forced him to leave.

Literal Wipe Out 13th Season (2nd November 2608)

On the 2nd November 2608 Lord Posh was present for the shows 13th season. During the course one of the contestants BOB figured out the show was rigged leading to Posh himself to deal with the situation.

Thinking he was untouchable because of his money Lord Posh insulted BOB and gave him the options of dying on TV of dying backstage, this infuriated BOB which led to Posh being stabbed multiple times. As his body rolled off towards the ocean below Posh asked BOB to look after his money only to be shot with bullets.

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