Early Life

Nothing is known about Tola's early life apart from the fact that at some point he came into the service of Lord Posh The Third.

At some point Klat Tola was put in charge of the Literal Wipe Out as an announcer and reactor for at least the 13th season.

Forming The Hunters (27th October 2608)

Klat Tola was put in charge of executing fifteen bounty hunters that refused too have there vocal cords removed for a job handed out by Lord Posh The Third in secret for the EARTHBOUNDS.

Three of the Bounty Hunters Pinkton, Eights and Zero managed to escape to a Phantom that was shot down to the planet Dnas below them.

Tola personally led a small team down to Dnas to eliminate the three to find that Eights and Zero had died in the crash. After Pinkton killed a majority of the team Tola injured Pinkton with needle rounds and then executed him with his energy sword.

Tola left Pinkton to rot but left his needle rifle with the body as a show of respect.

Literal Wipe Out 13th Season / Death (2nd November)

On the 2nd November 2608 Tola was the announcer for the course and selected who he believed to be a friend of one of the contestants Loriaee to watch and react with him for entertainment purposes. However during the course Loriaee's friend BOB figured out the course was a trap, this led Loriaee to become enraged that his lover was in danger which disgusted Tola. This led to Tola being killed by several energy sword swings.


  • 15 Unidentified Bounty Hunters
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