Early Life

Nothing is known about her early life apart from that she lives on Lyric.

Beached Glowing Horned Whale (15th April 2602)

Holly Fisher arrived at Lyrics Stone Coast to do some fishing. She waited for her rod to get noticed but failed to notice other fish in a nearby area forcing her to wait around till night time, eventually she fell asleep and awoke the next day to the sounds of a Glowing Horned Whale.

After investigating she discovered that the whale was beached and she jumped down to its position. Once next to the whale she decided on whether or not to kill it for food but she decided to release it instead. After the whale was saved its group appeared to say thanks. Fisher nodded and then walked off.

Visiting Club Holo (11th January 2610)

Holly Fisher visited Club Holo on the colony of Slunge and danced.

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