Early Life

Nothing is known about Buckets early life. At some point he enlisted in PROJECT PEGASUS where he was placed on Fireteam Delta.


OPERATION: EYE SPY (October 2609 - 18th November 2609)

Bucket along with fellow PEGASUS Trooper Jun Hyena were sent to infiltrate a rebel base belonging to a group known as The Rights Of The People and to sabotage it over a duration of a month.

OPERATION: MEAT GRINDER (18th November 2609)

After remaining hidden for a month the rest of Fireteam Delta launched an attack on the base to destroy it, whilst the mission was a success Hyena along with Kat Archer and Captain Sam Dustbin all perished.

OPERATION WALK ABOUT (2nd December 2609)

On the 2nd December Bucket along with the rest of Fireteam Delta on the 2nd December stopped a terrorist attack on a tram network on the colony of Sunset.

Although the mission would be a success Vovolsky would loose his life.

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