The EARTHBOUNDS are a terrorist and resistance group at war with the UNSC. They have been active at least from 2606 - 2610 present.



  • At some point Commando Captain Dave was captured and rescued from the EARTHBOUNDS.
  • James Chain attacks a shopping district on Sunset.
  • An unidentified EARTHBOUND base was attacked by members of PROJECT TROJAN
  • At some point an EARTHBOUND data centre was attacked by members of PROJECT TROJAN


28th July

  • Lieutenants Skull and Shiver along with Captain Peace lead an attack on Ulqrell to obtain power from monitor 567 Broken Faith
  • All Earthbound forces sent to Ulqrell are killed

24th August

  • James Chain along with Captain Teff and other EARTHBOUND Troopers undergo an unknown mission on Larreck
  • EARTHBOUND leader James Chain is betrayed by Captain Teff and is eliminated by TROJAN ECHO on Larreck

Unknown date

  • An EARTHBOUND supply convoy is attacked by members of PROJECT TROJAN.
  • An EARTHBOUND plasma drill rig was attacked by members of PROJECT TROJAN.
  • James Chain steals an AI


  • At some point the EARTHBOUNDS targeted an orbital space elevator and successfully destroyed it causing mass civilian casualties.
  • At some point the EARTHBOUNDS had stolen a NOVA bomb and used it to destroy the joint Human Elite colony of Song.
  • Quake becomes leader of the EARTHBOUNDS.

2nd November

  • Scar dies participating in the Literal Wipe Out challenge trying to win prize money for the EARTHBOUNDS

13th December

  • Before this date the Earthbounds captured a freighter and used it as transport to get to the colony of Trellmer and its moon, on the 13th the Earthbounds attacked the planet in full by releasing a toxic gas that killed most of the UNSC work force.
  • During the battle the EARTHBOUNDS were defeated but they succeeded in there mission of destabilising the UNSC which inspired further rebel cells to grow.


Before 31st October

11th November

  • Sinister, Shadow and Spider lead a group of EARTHBOUND Drones to investigate a group of Forerunner Towers and lay a trap for four members of the 212th Commando Company.
  • Sinister kills Mage and Woods but Captain Dave and Miller escape through the teleporter node.


  • The EARTHBOUNDS have begun operations on the planet of Lyric after believing to be fully wiped out in 2608.

11th January

  • Sinister attacks and destroys UNSC Firebase Ranch on the colony of Lyric and eliminated the survivors that escaped in pelicans. Sinister also captured Joel Calm.

13th January

  • Sinister was hunted by operatives from PROJECT PEGASUS through a cave network.
  • Sinister kills Pegasus trooper Stacy Greyson and learns about PROJECT PEGASUS.
  • Shadow, Spider and Saber are sent to Lyric to activate Dr Conundrums plan.
  • Sinister takes John Blue Redshirt prisoner
  • Guard members Stripe and Straw test Picquet and are killed
  • Guard member SWAT is killed by Susan Hawk
  • Sparrow kills Susan Hawk
  • Sinister fights and captures Captain Picquet

22nd January

  • Spider was killed by a trap placed by Pegasus Trooper Milkshake.



Lieutenants (Identified by Black and White Armour)

Gen 1

  • Scar (KIA) 2nd November 2608
  • Shell (KIA) Before 31st October 2609
  • Spade
  • Skull (KIA) 28th July 2607
  • Shiver (KIA) 28th July 2607

Gen 2

Gen 3


  • Stripe (KIA) (13th January 2610)
  • Straw (KIA) (13th January 2610)
  • SWAT (KIA) (13th January 2610)


  • Captain Peace (KIA) 28th July 2607
  • Captain Teff (Defected / KIA) 24th August 2607
  • Multiple Unidentified Ulqrell Troopers
  • Multiple Unidentified Larreck Troopers
  • Multiple Unidentified Lord Posh Hotel Troopers


  • Backup (Formerly)
  • Unidentified Great Caves Of Lyric Drones


REBIRTH prisoners

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