Early Life

Nothing is known about Davis's Early Life apart from that he was created to be a clone of March Wizard for PROJECT WIZARD.


At some point Davis was approved for operations with the other Wizard clones.


For unknown reasons Davis was transferred to PROJECT PEGAUS and stationed on The Island That Doesn't Exist.

Redshirt Trooper: Best Grenade Launcher Sound (14th February 2609)

Redshirt uploaded a second video detailing which grenade launcher sound was better out of the "Type 1" and "Type 2". Redshirt enlisted the help of his friend Barney Duck to record footage of the Type 1 whilst he recorded footage of the Type 2.

Whilst filming Redshirt accidentally injured Davis and Roman Lossbottom by blowing them up.

By the end of next week Davis had destroyed Redshirts MIC.

Death (10 March 2609)

On the 10th March 2609 Davis was on patrol near the WASP landing pads when he was interrupted by John Blue Redshirt who was bored waiting for the UNSC Pro League to start.

Despite telling Redshirt to be quite he ignored Davis and continued to assault Davis with a variety of bad jokes, it is unknown why but this led Davis into shooting himself in the head killing him instantly.

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