Early Life

Nothing is known about Milkshakes early life apart from that he somehow ended up stranded on Yourmat in a CRYO pod and was rescued by Fireteam Delta from PROJECT PEGASUS.


OPERATION WALK ABOUT (2nd December 2609)

At some point Milkshake was added to Fireteam Delta. On the 2nd December Milkshake and the rest of the team stopped a terrorist attack on a tram network on the colony of Sunset.

Although the mission would be a success Russ Vovolsky would loose his life.

Invasion Of Lyric

Warning From THE GUIDE (13th January 2610)

After doing some target practice Milkshake was visited by THE GUIDE who claimed to have a warning for him.

Killing Spider (22nd January 2610)

Milkshake for unknown reasons laid a trap for EARTHBOUND Lieutenant Spider by sticking a warthog in a man canon, this trap led to Spiders death.


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