Early Life

Nothing is known about Captain Dave's early life.


At some point Dave was recruited into PROJECT COMMANDO, in 2604 he was transferred to the 212th Commando Company. He became the leader of the group in 2606

Prisoner of war (2606)

in 2606 Captain Dave was captured by Earthbound rebels but was rescued by the 343rd Commando Company as part of OPERATION: AXE led by Captain Picquet.

Investigating the teleporter network on Lyric (11th November 2609)

On the 11th November 2609 four members of the team, Captain Dave, Miller, Mage and Woods were sent to investigate a teleporter network that had just appeared on the planet of Lyric, more specifically within the . Upon landing Woods stayed behind to guard the ship whilst the others went ahead.

Unknown to the team the EARTHBOUND lieutenant Sinister had snuck aboard the ship and killed Woods, after reaching the Forerunner towers sniped Mage killing him.

Realising the threat Dave and Miller took cover and fought against waves of EARTHBOUND Drones whilst taking cover from Sinister's sniper shots, mid way though the battle a second lieutenant called Shadow emerged from her hiding place in a nearby rock pool and began firing shots from her SAW.

Eventually the pair in a last ditch effort ran and jumped into the teleporter network much to the surprise of the EARTHBOUNDS.

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