Early Life

Nothing is known about Brooks early life apart from that he is a clone of Commander Wizard.


At some point Brooks was created for PROJECT WIZARD. Like all members of the group Brooks served directly under the General.


After OPERATION HAMMER was completed on Trellmer Brooks was sent to the colony to privately investigate the site of the deaths of the 343rd Commando Company. He recorded his message which the AI ELTON sent to the General.

OPERATION: BREAK IN (10th - 11th October 2609)

Brooks led several of his other clones on a mission to the planet of Myanus to eliminate a PROJECT TROJAN member known as TANGO.

The group descended to the surface in Pelican dropships and were greeted by auto turrets scavanged by TANGO.

Despite the suggestions of Double Six Brooks ordered the team to push forward loosing Pelican 3 along he way which resorted in Taylor being injured. After sending First and Third to flank the right side of the battlefield Samson spotted TANGO which Maxwell figured would lead to its detonation an everyone's deaths.

Ordering Pelican 2 to intercept TANGO Brooks took Double Six's rocket launcher and shot down the craft to injure TANGO, after First and Third brought an injured and unconscious TANGO back Brooks executed her. The team then went about clearing there fallen, extracting intel and rigging a reactor to blow once they left.


At several points Brooks was ordered to personally deliver messages regarding PROJECT PEGASUS to Commander Wizard.


  • Crew of Pelican 2
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