Bounty Hunters have no allegiance and are effectively guns for hire, some however live by a code and will only work for certain individuals. Lord Posh The Third hired bounty hunters frequently.



The Hunters

Non Active

  • Hansoap (Deceased 2nd November 2608)
  • Genjo (Deceased 2nd November 2608)
  • Archer (Deceased 30th October 2608)
  • Spider (Independent, The Hunters, Joined EARTHBOUNDS, later KIA 22nd January 2610)
  • 12 unidentified bounty hunters killed by Klat Tola (KIA) (27th October 2608)
  • Pinkton (Deceased 27th October 2608)
  • Eights (Deceased 27th October 2608)
  • Zero (Deceased 27th October 2608)
  • Golden Rocket (Deceased 22nd December 2608)
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