Early Life

Nothing is known about his early life apart from he enlisted in the UNSC and later PROJEC PEGASUS, at some point he lost his right arm.


Bloobenhauler became the leader Fireteam Bravo and was stationed on Ulqrell by Commander Wizard.

Flag Delivery (January 1st 2609 - 12th February 2609)

Blooenhauler was present when Hill tried to attach Propane tanks to the teams warthog, he listened to Dauterive and Hill arguing before they heard a strange noise. He later tasked Dauterive with night watch duty.

At night he was awoken when Hill accidentally almost shot Dauterive in the kneecap and reprimanded him. Boxa Posta then arrived with the flag and he then paid for it and instructed Dauterive to show Boxa where the flag would be placed.

After Boxa dropped the flag over the cliff he told Dauterive to calm down and he agreed to pay for a new flag.

Six weeks later he would stop Dauterive from kicking Boxa's ass when she dropped the flag for the seventh week in a row, as punishment he ordered him to act as target practice for Hill.

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