Early Life

Nothing is known about his early life apart from that at some point his hatred of the UNSC led him to join The Rights Of The People.

The Rights Of The People Service

Archer served with The Rights Of The People for an unknown amount of time.

Bounty Hunter

At some point Archer became an independent bounty hunter and gained the trait of donating his bounty to poor people.

Lord Posh The Thirds Offer (27th October 2608)

Archer and nineteen other bounty hunters were contacted by Lord Posh The Third to undertake a job that would pay well but would require the removal of there vocal cords, Archer was one of the few to accept the terms and as a result wasn't executed.

Attack On Firebase Rise (30th October 2608)

Archer along with fellow hunters Backup, Spider , Lucky and Guardian arrived on the colony of Dawn to steal a pelican to board a UNSC ship. Archer was tasked with Lucky on moving up the left side of the outpost and eliminating the troops of the 145th Marine Division, he killed on e trooper by pushing them off a cliff.

During the battle Archer was responsible for killing the Captain of the 145th Matt Lewis along with another trooper and was saved from a Banshee strike by Lucky. After all the troopers were dead Archer along with Spider and Backup secured the pelican.

Boarding Of The UNSC GALAXYS FATE / Death

Archer with the rest of The Hunters successfully boarded the UNSC GALAXYS FATE with there pelican and were on-board as it went into slip space. Backup tasked Guardian and Lucky with capturing the ships bridge in a plan to vent the ship of a majority of the UNSC personnel on board whist everyone else were to sabotage a UNSC weapon in the main maintenance bay.

Archer along with Backup and Spider held out against an onslaught of 98th Marine Division troopers and three troopers from PROJECT WIZARD, Archer was responsible for sniping four troopers and managed to kill MWC - 12 - Oak.

Unfortunately Archer was caught off guard and was shot by MWC - 61 - Heart by a barrage of bullets from his assault rifle, bleeding heavily Archer drooped his sniper but pulled out his magnum in a last act of defiance but failed to pull the trigger. Archer fell to the floor dropping his magnum and died but was later avenged by Spider.


  • Captain Matt Lewis
  • Two 145th Marine Division troopers
  • Four 98th Marine Division Troopers
  • MWC - 12 - Oak
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