The 123rd was a Marine Division that operated for the UNSC, it served during and after the Covenant war. After the war it seemed to undertake missions considered sensitive or ones that would become REDACTED.


  • Captain June Oswald (Leader) (KIA) (2604)
  • Chris 305 (KIA) (2604)
  • Zack 347 (Leader) (KIA) (28th July 2607)
  • Private Mac Slate (KIA) (2604)
  • Picquet (Transferred) (2535 - 2535)
  • David Uric Orange (Transferred) (2601 - 2604)
  • Lesley (MIA) (2602 - 2604)


Human Covenant War



Post War


Reinforce UNSC forces on the colony of Magtron in an unknown conflict.

OPERATION: T-REX (10th January 2602)

The 123rd led by the Spartans of Arrow Team were sent to destroy five safe houses belonging to the rebel group The Rights Of The People on the colony of Blare. During the mission Lesley assassinated a high profile target Sky Monnow in hand to hand combat.

OPERATION: BURNIGN WOOD (14th February 2603)

123rd clears site ALPHA 37 on Planet: 5424 for science team Foxtrot-13. Lesley saved Captain June Oswald from a "Land Squid".

OPERATION: HIGHRISE (20th August 2604)

The 123rd destroyed a skyscraper believed to have held the rebel group Righteous Blade, Lesley as a pelican gunner shot down seven Banshees one of which contained the son o the terror leader Wumbo's.

OPERATION: RUST (13th September 2604)

The 123rd were sent to recover the bodies of Captain Oswald, Private Mac Slate and Spartan Chris 305 who had been sent to recon The Rights Of The People's second main base on Yourmat. Lesley saved his team from a rigged mining rig but was believed to be KIA and was abandoned.

Mission To Ulqrell (28th July 2607)

led by Zack 347 the 123rd were sent to Ulqrell to stop the construction of a star that would eventually destroy the near by system, unfortunately the team came under attack from forces from the EARTHBOUNDS and local Knights. This led to the deaths for everyone involved.

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